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Day 38

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A phrase usually used with hope and good purposes is: FOREVER.

Here in this life and in the human, physical, natural world, nothing is FOREVER! Everything will end. When a person dies, his physical body disintegrates, turns into dust. Material possessions will remain for others; titles, fame, name, etc. fall into oblivion. All the security that existed in these things, for which people strove deeply, and often did not measure losses to others to acquire them, disappear. And now what?

Have you ever stopped to feel yourself in that final, critical, hopeless moment?

The Bible shows that those who have practiced the Doctrine of Salvation (Read day 7 and others), these ones will live FOREVER, but those who do not practice the Doctrine of Salvation regularly.


Ezekiel 28:19

Begin today to learn more about and practice Sanctification in your life and help others to overcome this sad, unhappy and certainly unwanted ending. Pray for those you will pass on these messages to. Recommend a spiritual online song to them. Amen.

Pr Valter Köhler (1944-2020)

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